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Case Study: Women of Wind Energy

If you are a woman in the wind industry field, you’ve likely used MemberClicks to access one of the coolest mentoring programs we’ve heard of.

When the Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) signed on with MemberClicks in 2010 and in 2011, they launched their member center. Before that, it was all spreadsheets and email list servs (and headaches!).

“We were looking for a place that would combine a lot of the tools we were hoping to make available to our membership and be relatively easy for a one-person staff with a few great consultants.” Says Kristen Graf, Executive Director of WoWE. She was talking about herself as the one-person staffer, with great members, consultants, and chapter leaders.

WoWE started off as a small group with Kristen as a volunteer, then it grew to add chapters all around the country. That’s when Kristen came on as the sole paid fulltime staff member.

WoWE does use MemberClicks to manage their frequent email correspondence but the real beauty of their login-protected Member Center comes in the form of their mentoring program. When members fill out their local directory information, they are asked if they are interested in participating in the WoWE mentor program. They then are directed to another form requesting mentor information; whether they are seeking to become a mentor or mentee, their availability, areas of interest and expertise, and type of mentorship they’re looking for.

Then mentorships can start at any time! Mentors and mentees may connect online or in person if they choose, and contact one another as often or sparingly as they would like. MemberClicks’ WoWE Member Center really does allow an all-inclusive, unique mentorship program that helps WoWE members personally and professionally.

And that’s not all. MemberClicks is integral in connecting local chapters to the national chapter, and sharing information. Newsletters go out every other month relaying national events, stories, updates, and highlights. Regional chapters connect more frequently though, exchanging information about meetings and local events. The beauty of the system is that chapters are able to customize their email and event planning that works for them, while MemberClicks handles the national chapter’s email and events.

As for the future, WoWE is working to get still more connected. They’re getting ready for a big 10th anniversary party that will connect all the chapters to the national event via webcam and encourage dialogue for the future and a big pat on the back for a job well done.

The Women of Wind Energy is facing a bright future, both in the future of energy across the nation and in the growth and development in their association. MemberClicks is so proud to be a part of it!

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