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MemberClicks Videography Services

Have you ever thought about how engaging in videography services can increase your non-dues revenue, add member value, and give your organization more credibility?

Now you may be thinking... what really are videography services? Videography is basically a nice way to present your content. Intrigued? Here's an example!


And the services part? That means that it’ll be filmed, edited, all wrapped up in a bow and delivered to you, with little to no work on your end!

3 ways Videography can make an impact

  • Empower your members with valuable content and education. (Record sessions at your annual meetings!)
  • Earn non-dues revenue by gating content and giving non-members access for a fee.
  • Put your best foot forward in the industry and present your content in a polished, professional way.

MemberClicks’ videography services include:

  • Video Technician (1) onsite who records sessions of your choice at your conference / event
  • Presentations recorded in HD video, including the slides/content from each speaker
  • Edited, branded, and framed final video delivered electronically
  • Coordination with your show A/V provider to work out the logistics of recording onsite (Remember a Videographer will deliver you final videos ready to share and not just raw footage!)

Incredible value for the price

Starting at $2,000/day plus travel. 

We’d be happy to answer any more questions or get your videography needs setup for your next event! Ask us for a quote by filling out the form to the right!

Do you have a platform to host, organize, and share your videos? MemberClicks also offers a content delivery system or LMS (Learning Management System). Ask us about MC | LMS and how it pairs perfectly with our videography services!

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