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Case Study: SBI Association Management

Supporting and managing dozens of nonprofits is not an easy task when you factor in membership management, finances, event planning and technology. The fact that almost all of SBI Association Management's clients use MemberClicks' Association Management Software makes it much easier for SBI to handle all of their clients with ease. 

"It's important that we can go into any client's software for customer service, email blasts, membership management, website management, registration forms, committee management... everything" says SBI Director of Marketing and Events Lindsay Jennings. "Over the last seven years almost all of our clients have moved to MemberClicks for more efficient, streamlined services." Those clients are all member-based organizations in a variety of industries. 

SBI provides full association management for each client, but since every association is different, SBI's management is highly specialized and MemberClicks helps with that. The wide range of features provided by MemberClicks allows SBI to focus on the needs of their clients while only requiring most SBI staff to know one platform.

Having one number to call for help requests has also been a huge relief for SBI, as well as consistent help from MemberClicks' Maximization team. "Using MemberClicks has improved the efficiency of our staff so we're able to train new staff members and know one system through and through," says Lindsay. She also mentioned that SBI is able to identify best practices and efficient ways to best utilize MemberClicks tools, then share that knowledge with the rest of the staff and their clients.

"Working with MemberClicks has been a fabulous partnership because there has been a lot of reciprocal help. We recommend MemberClicks to nearly all of our clients, and it's easy to train our people on the software. The help team is awesome."

In the future, SBI looks forward to further working with the Maximization team and the training programs already in place to empower some SBI staff to become "Masters of MemberClicks" and continue to serve their clients with success and ease.