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Support Both Organizational & Individual Memberships With One System

An Intuitive System For Handling Both Organizations And Individuals As Members

If your membership is comprised of both organizations and individuals, we offer a powerful system for handling both member types. With organization member profiles linked to individual member profiles, you'll be able to conveniently manage your entire membership from one place.

Simplify Management With Linked Organization And Individual Profiles

  • Assign key contacts to add, remove or update other profiles linked to the organization profile.
  • View all individual activity from within the organization profile.
  • Enable data to cascade from the organization profile into linked profiles (for instance, pre-filling address information).

Streamline Operations With Integrations Between Organizations And Individuals

  • Use consolidated invoices for easy accounting.
  • Enable key contacts to quickly register multiple member profiles for events.
  • Calculate dues for organization profiles based on either the number of member profiles or by any defined list of criteria.

Engage And Empower Your Organization With Built-In Features

  • Email all profiles or customized groups with a few clicks.
  • Enable visitors to apply for membership, register for events and renew their dues for themselves or their organizations via secure online forms.
  • Provide members-only content with options for restricted access to event calendars, forums, web pages and more.


Get an all-in-one solution for your association  All of the features on this page are included with the MemberClicks solution  for member management, event registration, member website, and reporting. Request Info Now

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