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Membership Management

We have two membership management solutions to choose from, depending on your organization’s size, type, and needs.


Designed for mid-sized organizations and chambers of commerce, our Atlas product offers a robust suite of functionality.

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Our Oasis product has all the features of a high-performing membership management system, built with small-staff associations and AMCs in mind.

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Save big with our partner, Payscape.

Use Payscape, our preferred payment processor, with your membership management solution and save up to $600 per annual contract.



A learning management system that’s easy to use and adds value to stakeholders.

Content delivery, simplified. Get up and running quickly with a robust LMS designed to make a huge impact, without a huge investment.

Starting at

$3,000/ year

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Conference & Event App

Take your event to the next level with a personalized mobile app.

Engage attendees, add sponsor value, save money and more with MemberClicks’ Conference & Event App.

Starting at

$2,500/ year

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Review Panel

Easily collect and review submissions of all kinds.

From abstracts to speakers to award nominations and more, MemberClicks’ Review Panel handles the entire process from start to finish.

Starting at

$1,495/ year

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Website Design

Strengthen your organization’s credibility with a modern, user-friendly website.

Designed to match your organization’s brand, our premium, mobile-optimized websites are built to boost engagement and drive prospect-to-member conversions.

Starting at

$1,495/ year

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between custom vs. prospect profiles?

A custom profile would be anyone your organization considers to be a dues paying member. This does include both organizational member types and individuals. A prospect profile is anyone that is not currently a member or paying dues that you may want to keep in your database for historical or prospecting purposes.

Is a website included?

It is! You can view our design portfolio here.

Can I keep my current website?

Absolutely! You have the option to keep your current website for the public facing portions and only use Oasis for the members only content.

Is hosting included?

Yes, hosting is included in your ongoing service cost.

Is support included or does it cost extra?

Access to call or email our Help Team is included!

How long does onboarding take?

The average Onboarding takes 60-90 days, but this varies based on several factors.

Can MemberClicks' solutions handle organization member types?

Yes! You can actually set up as menu varying levels of Member Types as you need in Oasis, both organizational members and individual.