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Get The Info You Need With Intuitive Membership Reporting Capabilities

Our All-In-One Association Management System Provides Intuitive Reports On Your Membership

With our customizable reports, you can get easy summaries of your membership, event registration, email, payment and website data.

Track Activity To Help Manage Your Membership

  • Quickly view the percentage of dues renewed, lapsed members, members in grace periods and more.
  • See members acquired through any form submissions – track the recruiting effectiveness of your events.
  • View reports on revenue, receipt and member data over time with customizable start and end periods.

Evaluate Your Event Registration Efforts

  • Generate reports for all types of form submissions, including event registrant and attendance.
  • See the total of all payments processed, invoices and other financial data, formatted to make your accountant happy.
  • Compare data across one or more forms to see how events stack up to each other or year-over-year.

Save Time With Integrated Features

  • Use integrated Google Analytics functionality to get comprehensive website statistics.
  • Generate reports on email marketing efforts with open rates, bounces and more.
  • Use the powerful membership database to streamline your operations by tying all data to one set of member profiles.


Get an all-in-one solution for your association  All of the features on this page are included with the MemberClicks solution  for member management, event registration, member website, and reporting. Request Info Now

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