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Frequently Asked Questions About the New MemberClicks Platform

How do we sign up for the upgrade?

Just visit www.memberclicks.com/upgrade! After signing up,  you will have the opportunity to schedule your upgrade for your preferred month.

How much does it cost to change?

While there is no fee associated with the upgrade itself, customers desiring to upgrade will need to be on one of our current pricing plans.

Our new pricing plans no longer have any variable costs. The MemberClicks transaction fee does not apply to these new plans, as they are simple flat-rate prices. Note: These plans are available to you now, even while on the Classic platform.

The MemberClicks product (new platform) is compatible with two payment processors, Payscape and Authorize.net. If you are not currently using one of those two processors for credit card payments, you will need to be setup with one prior to being able to complete the upgrade. There is a fairly significant discount to you when you use our preferred payment processor, Payscape.

For more information on pricing, available plans and discounts, please click here

Can we take information from our current system to the new product? (ex. form receipts, message history)

In order to truly capitalize on the benefits of the new system, MemberClicks will need to review and optimize your current system for the new platform. As it stands today, there are some things that are not able to transfer over from Classic, including:

  • Message and transaction history
  • Previously posted E-list messages
  • Previously posted Committee files and messages
  • Previously posted Community forum posts
  • Existing Social community circles, posts, etc.
  • Events on the calendar (events on the Classic calendar can be manually moved to the new system)
  • Existing invoices
  • Profile pictures members have uploaded to the directory

Are there any features are available in MemberClicks Classic that aren't currently available in the new product?

While the new product offers a better user experience, more powerful options for dues automation, organizational memberships and many other new features, there are a few things that currently exist in MemberClicks Classic that aren’t currently available. The list below highlights a selection of those features.

  • Payment Processor compatibility with processors other than Payscape and Authorize.net
  • Installment-type recurring payments (automatic annual dues are the only recurring payments currently available)
  • CDYNE Integration, used for Address Verification Services
  • Tax and Shipping calculations (tax and shipping can be built into the price of an item)
  • Monthly/weekly User Modification Email
  • The ability for members to submit events for addition directly to the calendar

What’s the timeline for my organization to upgrade to the new platform?

The upgrade process typically takes 30-60 days, depending on your ability to be responsive to us as we walk through the upgrade together. Here's an outline of what to expect:

  1. We'll schedule a pre-upgrade call to talk through the upgrade process, the features you may be using in Classic that aren't in the new platform yet, and a short questionnaire that will allow us to determine if you're ready to move forward with the upgrade.
    Homework: You’ll fill out an Account Settings document, and provide MemberClicks with an export of the income accounts from your accounting software.
  2. We'll schedule a call with you to discuss your database and walk through financials, Attributes, Member Types, and Groups.
    Homework: You'll fill out the Notification Settings document and review your attributes from Classic.
  3. MemberClicks begins setting up the new database structure based on our discussions.
  4. We'll schedule a call to discuss forms and walk through setting one up.
    Homework: You'll fill out a Form Setup document to let us know which forms we should build for you in the new system.
  5. MemberClicks starts building forms. We'll create a membership form, an event registration form, and one other form of your choice.
    Homework: You'll receive your login info for the new system, and directions on how to test forms once they are completed. Based on your feedback, we'll provide up to one round of form edits.
  6. We'll schedule a call to discuss the data file. MemberClicks will export your data from Classic and manipulate the Excel file to prepare it for import into the new product.
    Homework: We may ask you to assist with updates to the import file, especially if your database is using a parent/child structure in Classic
  7. MemberClicks will import and deliver the data file.
    Homework: We'll show you how and where to configure permissions and attribute security
  8. Behind the scenes, MemberClicks will move the website content and recreate active e-lists, committees, community forums, etc. from Classic to the new product.
  9. We'll schedule a pre-launch call to address remaining questions and concerns, and set an official launch date.
  10. Launch! After launch, you'll transition back to working with the Help Team for troubleshooting and support.

Does my site have to go down as part of the transition to the new product?

No; moving to the new product does not require any downtime.

Can I keep my domain, org ID, and email addresses?


Will the upgrade include a new responsive website design?

A new responsive website design is included with your upgrade at no cost! If you're happy with your current website design, it will carry over when your organization is upgraded. Note: If you are interested in updating your website with a responsive design prior to upgrading, that option is available to you as a professional service - contact help@memberclicks.com to learn more. 

Can I rollback the upgrade?

No. It’s a one-way conversion.