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MemberClicks Case Studies

See how other associations use MemberClicks to make their technology experience more refreshing.


The Florida Festivals & Events Association (FFEA) collects submissions for a number of initiatives (speakers for their Annual Convention & Trade Show, performers for their Entertainment Showcase, candidates for their Student Scholarship Program, etc.), but their biggest initiative involving submissions, by far, is their Annual SUNsational Awards Program, designed to celebrate the accomplishments of their members.

FFEA’s membership is comprised of event industry professionals: individuals who plan large-scale festivals and events throughout the state of Florida. There are 16 categories in the SUNsational Awards Program, including Best Promotional Mailer/Direct Mail Piece, Best Tickets & Invitations, Best Billboard/Signage, and Best T-Shirt.

Boulder Area Human Resource Association

For most of us, change is scary. Especially when it involves technology.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Boulder Area Human Resource Association (BAHRA) was hesitant about upgrading from MemberClicks Classic to the new MemberClicks platform. After all, BAHRA is an entirely volunteer-run organization with, like many organizations, limited time and resources. And not only that, but many of the volunteers have limited technical know-how, and upgrading to a new system seemed, well...intimidating.

But as time went on, the format of their existing website became more and more dated and no longer represented the organization’s brand. That’s when BAHRA decided to upgrade.

Florida Festivals and Events Association - Conference App

If there’s pressure for anyone to put on a successful event, it’s the Florida Festivals and Events Association, or FFEA for short. Afterall, their members and attendees are all event planners!

So when FFEA had to seek out a conference app for their 24th Annual Convention and Tradeshow, they knew it had to be something great. Fortunately, MemberClicks’ Conference App fit the bill.

Pennsylvania Society of Association Executives

The Pennsylvania Society of Association Executives (PASAE) started using MemberClicks in April of 2016. Prior to that, they were using another system - and struggling quite a bit. That particular system was bulky, cumbersome, and not very user-friendly. Not to mention, the corresponding “help desk,” meant to provide ongoing customer support, wasn’t very helpful.

PASAE knew something needed to be done. The information they needed to collect and maintain wasn’t very complicated, and they just wanted something easy to use. They wanted to be able to integrate their website and email marketing, and add in a community component. MemberClicks was exactly what they were looking for.

Charlottesville Society of Human Resource Management

The Charlottesville Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging members, advancing the profession, and providing leadership in the community through sharing and promoting best practices in human resource management. Charlottesville SHRM started using MemberClicks in February of 2016. Prior to that, they were using another association management system (AMS).

But with that AMS came a multitude of problems. First, the application and dues payment process for new members was disjointed and confusing. This was particularly troubling because it was the first experience many prospects had with the chapter and it often did not go well. Second, the content management system (built into the AMS) was not particularly intuitive, often requiring multiple steps to accomplish a single task. Third, and perhaps most troubling of all, Charlottesville SHRM had difficulty with their site processing credit card transactions, which impacted membership and event registrations every month.

Virginia Society of Association Executives

The Virginia Society of Association Executives started using MemberClicks in May of 2015. Prior to that, they were utilizing a different association management system.

But with that particular AMS came a unique set of problems. That AMS was just too complex. For example, to RSVP for an event, it would take members up to seven clicks - something that no one had the time (or patience) for. Top that off with some less-than-satisfying customer service experiences, and VSAE knew it was time for a change.

Missouri Pharmacy Association

The Missouri Pharmacy Association (MPA), a committed group of professional pharmacists with high standards and goals, started using MemberClicks in September of 2013. But when they saw a demo of the new MemberClicks platform at ASAE’s 2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition, they knew it was something they wanted to try.

MemberClicks launched the new platform in April of 2015. Built specifically for small staffs, the new system was more than just a series of feature updates. It was a brand new product written from the ground up - and based on 18 years of customer feedback - to make association management easier for small-staff organizations.

Hauck & Associates, Inc.

Washington D.C.-based Hauck & Associates has been managing trade associations and societies since 1974. Managing several trade organizations under one roof is no easy task, especially when you factor in membership applications, dues renewals, and event registrations.

Like most management companies, Hauck & Associates was relying on legacy software to support their clients’ member information and other data. In addition, with the increasing demand of additional website support, integration between the data and the member sites made quick edits, data security and on demand data extremely challenging for staff.

American Association for Budget and Program Analysis

When the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis, or AABPA, signed on with MemberClicks they knew their association was in for a cultural shift of game-changing proportions. It was a long time coming; AABPA's system of spreadsheets and a single hard drive wasn't cutting it anymore for the few hundred members and volunteer-driven board and staff. But as is true with many small staff associations, a shift of any kind took a lot of planning.

For AABPA, finally settling on MemberClicks after seemingly endless comparisons and conversations about different association management software providers was just the beginning.


AMC Source

When Gregory Brooks of AMC Source decided to focus on Small Staff Associations, he knew he'd need to find a unique AMS solution to offer clients. "Six years ago, we realized we were managing a small group of associations using different types of software solutions," Gregory said. When he spoke with MemberClicks he realized, "Hey! There ARE solutions for Small Staff Associations!"

Small staff associations have to operate with limited money, time and staffing. So the immediate appeal to AMC Source of signing on with MemberClicks was the cost effectiveness of the solution. Higher cost options were not appropriate for Gregory's clients.


Little People of America

The Little People of America was founded in 1957 to support people with dwarfism and even though more than 50 years have passed with incredible growth all over the country they still operate on a limited budget, according to Joanna Campbell, LPA's Executive Director. "Way back when we were using a spreadsheet," Joanna says, reflecting on the AMS purchasing process "We wanted a hosted solution. We're a nonprofit that works literally on a shoestring so we needed something cost effective."

MemberClicks was the answer. They signed on in 2007 and MemberClicks was able to start helping with LPA's needs right away.


Public Relations Society of America - Austin Chapter

Shelly Gupta, the President-Elect for Public Relations Society of America, Austin Chapter, has been using MemberClicks Association Management Software for her association for over a year. When it was implemented in 2010, the website went through a major update with their implementation process. Since then, it's been managed by the administration of PRSA Austin; specifically, their communications officers.

The website content is fine-tuned and tailored to the PRSA Austin members and PR professionals from all over. They take pride in updating the home page regularly with industry news and a membership spotlight, as well as a prominent place for the next association event.


SBI Association Management

Supporting and managing dozens of nonprofits is not an easy task when you factor in membership management, finances, event planning and technology. The fact that almost all of SBI Association Management's clients use MemberClicks' Association Management Software makes it much easier for SBI to handle all of their clients with ease.

"It's important that we can go into any client's software for customer service, email blasts, membership management, website management, registration forms, committee management... everything" says SBI Director of Marketing and Events Lindsay Jennings. "Over the last seven years almost all of our clients have moved to MemberClicks for more efficient, streamlined services."