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All your digital content in one learning management system

Deliver content to your audience in a quick, relevant, and simple way without any roadblocks. With MC | LMS, you can promote, stream, and organize virtual courses and webinars, manage documents, administer and track certification programs, and issue and score assessments.

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LMS organize your digital property

Organize your digital property

Whether you are hosting a live webinar or setting up an on-demand course flow, MC | LMS offers an easy and attractive way to take your digital assets and put them to work for your organization and its members. 

LMS automate learning paths

Automate learning paths

Create a structured learning experience by using prerequisites to order courses and learning materials. Test knowledge with an assessment and reward success by issuing continuing education credits and certificates.

LMS track performance for optimizing content

Track performance for optimizing content

With our high-level dashboard insights and detailed reporting options, you can quickly understand course adoption and completion and learner progress, empowering you to make adjustments and offer excellent customer service.

LMS streamline processes through integration

Streamline processes through integration

MemberClicks’ learning management system enhances your ability to serve your organization and its members. If you currently use one of our two association management software (AMS) solutions — Oasis or Atlas — single-sign-on (SSO) and API capabilities are built in to reduce user friction, save you time, and increase your peace of mind.

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learning management system customer testimonial

Dr. Michael Tatonetti, CAE, CPP & MC | LMS Customer

Director of Certification and Education
Professional Pricing Society

“I wanted an all-in-one for single-sign-on and clean data, so that narrowed down the field. I was tired of API’s not always working right, and I wanted our workflows automated as much as possible to reduce repetitive manual work, so MC | LMS did it for us.”

LMS live webinars
Live webinars

Deliver live presentations while encouraging engagement with a live webinar plugin offered in partnership with leading webinar providers.

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LMS content storage and delivery
Content storage and delivery

Ensure your organization’s digital content gets the care it deserves with our learning management software. Plus, store videos and documents in a content library that can then be configured in a variety of ways, from packaged courses to simply organizing by content type or topic.

LMS permissioning for custom access
Permissioning for custom access

Have content that is for certain eyes only? Permission packages of content for specific groups only. Or, generate non-dues revenue by requiring non-members to pay a premium for access.

LMS branded responsive site
Branded, responsive site

Provide aesthetic continuity from your website to your learning management system with a branded, user-friendly solution — whether accessed from a desktop, phone, or tablet.

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LMS assessments

Testing concept mastery is a proven way to increase retention of knowledge, making your content more valuable. Our flexible assessments tool allows for the delivery and scoring of online exams, so your learners know exactly where they stand.

LMS certification automation
Certification automation

Easily reward success by issuing CEUs and certificates to learners and online attendees through the Automated Conditions tool, which requires completion of certain components to unlock coveted educational hours and certifications.

LMS seamless sign-on and data integration
Seamless sign-on and data integration

Learners can view content immediately with a SSO login experience and have their data available across solutions. SSO and data integration are built into the MemberClicks core AMS solutions, and development is available for other third-party solutions as well.

LMS SCORM and xAPI compliance
SCORM and xAPI compliant

Have authored content? MC | LMS supports modern industry interoperability standards to drop in your files and get learners started simply.

LMS eCommerce

Customize payment on courses and packages, and create even more flexible pricing options for different members with the Oasis and Atlas integrations.

It’s simple to get started.

Onboarding with a learning management software has never been so easy.

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What you can always expect from MemberClicks

learning management software built for customer needs
Customer-centric solutions

MemberClicks builds its platform of integrated solutions based on the needs of association and chamber professionals. Our research and development favors finding solutions to help save time, save money, generate revenue, and make your life easier.

learning management software customer success
Devotion to customer success

In addition to great products, MemberClicks is known for its second-to-none customer service and support. We are here for you to answer questions via email, online chat, or over the phone. You pick! We’ll be here for you, providing refreshment that’s been leading the game since 1998.

empathy for learning management software customers

Part of what makes MemberClicks great at helping its customers is that we lead with empathy. We don’t simply discover solutions; we understand and feel your pain. Then we build ways to alleviate that pain, one click at a time.

learning management software partner and provider
Partners in innovation

MemberClicks is lucky to have thousands of association and chamber customers who are really, really, REALLY good at what they do. We’ve been the beneficiaries of that knowledge, and are happy to generate best practices and share success stories for the benefit of other customers. This leads to the implementation of productive, innovative outcomes that return sustained value to your organization and its members. Nothing makes us happier than when our customers thrive.

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