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MemberClicks Job Board

Run your own job board with MemberClicks!

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MemberClicks now offers a simple solution that enables you to run your own job board. Drive membership, generate non-dues revenue, and provide career opportunities for your members and industry by adding this feature!

Here are just a few of the benefits...

  • No up-front cost for the association
  • Partnership is structured as a revenue share where the association will receive 80% of the revenue generated
  • You have total control over the cost to post a job - make posting jobs a member benefit, or charge members less than non-members
  • Integration with your MemberClicks database allows for member/non-member pricing for job posters

Feature highlights:

  • Easy Administration - Our simplified solution allows for a hands-off approach for administrators. No more manually posting jobs!

  • Immediate results for employers - Jobs are automatically displayed on the

    board within seconds of posting so employers instantly see value.

  • Mobile responsiveness - MC | Job Board is personalized for your organization and responds to all screen sizes for a seamless experience across all devices.

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