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MemberClicks' Abstract Management

Take the abstract out of abstract management!

Abstract Management Image

MemberClicks’ Abstract Management tool enables organizers to easily collect and review documents. This modern solution allows members and non-members to submit and upload their documents and reviewers to comment and rate each submission.

 What does abstract management do?

  • Facilitate the submission process - you decide who can submit, when they can submit and the types of submissions.
  • Enable members and affiliates to log in with their MemberClicks credentials for a seamless experience. 
  • Manage the review process by deciding who can vote on submissions and how they’re rated - stars or likes, your choice.
  • Provide reviewers access to the online portal - no more manually distributing submissions.
  • Encourage reviewers to collaborate in a secure setting.
  • Gather and track scores within the review portal.
  • Make final selections based on reviewer feedback.
  • Export submission content with the click of a button.

What does it cost?

For MemberClicks users, it's $540 annually and a $150 setup fee.

*Only available for the MemberClicks product line at this time.

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