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MemberClicks launches customer user group (print)

ATLANTA - JUNE 5, 2012 - MemberClicks, the leading provider of association management software for small-staff organizations, announces the June 4 launch of its customer user group, MC Nation.

The MC Nation user group is a full-featured online community built to help connect MemberClicks customers with one another. It features an online networking community, forums, and other tools that enable customers to find one another.

"Whether they're looking to find out how other staffs like theirs have optimized their solutions or reach out to others in their industry or region, there's plenty to discuss in this essential, new piece of the MemberClicks experience," MemberClicks President Mark Sedgley said.

The MC Nation community also provides staff members of organizations that use MemberClicks with a new channel for finding answers to their questions about MemberClicks solutions.

"While our support community is available 24/7 for an organization's Authorized Service Administrators, any staff member can sign up and join the MC Nation to learn from other MemberClicks customers," said Duncan McCreery, VP of Customer Experience.

More information about the user group, which launched June 4, is located at memberclicksnation.org.

ABOUT MEMBERCLICKS - MemberClicks provides refreshing technology experiences to small-staff membership organizations. From public and members-only websites to online membership management and event registration, MemberClicks empowers organizations to save time and sanity. Founded in 1998, MemberClicks works with more than 1,400 organizations throughout North America. For more information, visit www.memberclicks.com or call 1-800-914-2441.