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MemberClicks announces partnership with Moolah Payments (print)

ATLANTA - OCT. 5, 2011 - MemberClicks, the leading provider of websites and membership management software for small-staff associations, is excited to announce a partnership with Moolah, the payment partner for non-profits.

Made up of non-profit and association professionals, Moolah provides a full suite of payment processing services that are built around the specific needs of non-profits, from low-cost credit card processing to wireless terminal rentals for events.

"We're excited to finally find a payment partner that truly understands our customers' needs," said MemberClicks President Mark Sedgley. "Nonprofits aren't traditional businesses, so they shouldn't be treated like them. Moolah gets this."

The partnership benefits include waived setup, discounts on fees and additional incentives for both new and existing MemberClicks customers. Additionally, associations and AMCs signed up through MemberClicks will be able to offer these discounted rates to any of their member or client organizations.

"Working with MemberClicks is a natural fit for Moolah, because both companies share a passion for serving non-profits," said Moolah Managing Director Jason Crowley. "We're excited to work closely with MemberClicks to provide an affordable, refreshing payment processing experience."

For more information about the partnership, visit www.memberclicks.com/payment_processing.

ABOUT MEMBERCLICKS - MemberClicks provides refreshing technology solutions to small-staff membership organizations. From public and members-only websites to online membership management and event registration, MemberClicks empowers organizations to save time and sanity. Founded in 1998, MemberClicks works with more than 1,200 organizations throughout North America. For more information, visit www.memberclicks.com or call 1-800-914-2441.

ABOUT MOOLAH - Moolah is made up of professionals who have experience in the non-profit space, and they use that expertise to provide the best payment processing solution possible to non-profit organizations. With over 1000 non-profits and $15 billion in transactions processed with their system last year, Moolah Payments is a PCI-compliant, full-service merchant provider. For more information, visit www.moolahpayments.com or call 1-888-592-0599.