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MemberClicks unveils exciting new product features for small staff associations (print)

ATLANTA - JULY 1, 2010 - MemberClicks, a leading provider of association management software for small-staff organizations, is proud to announce its latest product release, which features a robust update to its content management system (CMS), a new address verification feature and robust community forums with more options than ever before.

"MemberClicks is dedicated to providing the best possible solution for small staff associations." MemberClicks President Thomas Howard said. "This release helps small staff association professionals effectively manage their websites, maintain accurate databases and create new communities online."

Now, MemberClicks' customers can create even more dynamic and engaging websites than ever before. Polls, RSS feeds and customizable menus are all available, and administrators can create pages with sections that display based on permissions, creating customized content delivery.

In addition to the new CMS, MemberClicks customers can now verify any address in their databases, saving them money on direct mail efforts. Organizations will be able to bolster their advocacy efforts, and the option to verify several addresses at once is also available.

Other enhancements include a revamped bulletin board system. Features include e-mail notifications, an easy-to-use post editor and moderator management, allowing organizations to support and foster stronger online communities.

"We're extremely excited about this release," said Director of Product Experience Kevin Patrick. "It reflects the market and the direction our customers want to go. Many of these new features were requested by them at our Ideas site."

Like all MemberClicks releases, the new updates are free for all customers, and free training is also available. For more information, visit memberclicks.com/newrelease.

ABOUT MEMBERCLICKS - MemberClicks provides refreshing technology solutions to small-staff membership organizations. From public and members-only websites to online membership management and event registration, MemberClicks empowers organizations to save time and sanity. Founded in 1998, MemberClicks works with more than 1,500 organizations throughout North America. For more information, visit www.memberclicks.com or call 1-800-914-2441.