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MemberClicks aims to optimize customer experiences with new program (print)

ATLANTA - OCT. 29, 2009 � Organizations change over time. So does technology. With these realities in mind, MemberClicks, a leading provider of association management software for small-staff associations, is proud to launch the MemberClicks Maximization program. The program is designed to ensure that the expanding product capabilities are customized to meet customers' evolving needs.

The initiative begins with a one-on-one consultation to understand the real needs of the organization, followed by tailored application and training to best meet those needs. By working with more than 1,400 organizations, MemberClicks will leverage best practices of associations in the areas of database structure, membership management, event registration and web design.

The Maximization initiative is designed to increase the level of engagement through extensive needs analysis, custom training programs, solution tune-ups, web site overhauls and more. The goal is for organizations to leverage the software's appropriate functionality relative to their unique and changing needs.

One component of the program, the MemberClicks University group webinar series, covers a new training topic monthly. It allows for highly interactive opportunities to learn best practices and exciting new capabilities of the solution with other MemberClicks customers.

"We're excited to connect with our customers on a more personal level," Maximization Lead Duncan McCreery said. "We understand how much time and money organizations devote to updating the Web site and keeping the member database current, and we understand how difficult it is to accomplish this in an evolving and dynamic environment."

"We never want to be satisfied with simply gaining a customer," President Thomas Howard said. "What really matters is that our solution truly meets their needs, and not just initially, but over the course of time as the landscape changes."

For more information about the MemberClicks Maximization initiative, visit www.memberclicks.com/max or e-mail max@memberclicks.com.

ABOUT MEMBERCLICKS - MemberClicks provides refreshing technology experiences to small-staff membership organizations. From public and members-only websites to online membership management and event registration, MemberClicks empowers organizations to save time and sanity. Founded in 1998, MemberClicks works with more than 1,400 organizations throughout North America. For more information, visit www.memberclicks.com or call 1-800-914-2441.