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MemberClicks aims to give back to small-staff association community through speaker series (print)

ATLANTA - OCT. 21, 2009 � Small-staff associations and nonprofits, are you seeking a speaker for your conference or annual meeting? MemberClicks is here to help. The Atlanta-based association management software company has worked exclusively with small-staff organizations since its inception in 1998, and is excited to launch its very own speaker series focusing on nonprofit technology.

As experts on technology for small-staffs and active participants in the association and nonprofit community through social media, the MemberClicks team wants to share its knowledge and experience and become further engaged with the community. Whether your organization is seeking a new perspective on the benefits of technology or more insight into social media, MemberClicks ambassadors - comprised of senior-level leadership - are available for your organization's event.

"We truly have a unique perspective on small-staff groups," Director of Customer Experience Mark Sedgley said. "We've been fortunate to work with more than 1,500 organizations as they learn the benefits of technology, and we're looking forward to meeting and speaking with the members who put these tools to use."

The MemberClicks speaker series is an open invitation to all small-staff associations and nonprofits - even if they have never previously worked with MemberClicks. This program is purely educational and not intended to solicit business. Possible themes include "Small-Staffs and Social Media," "The Importance of a Web Presence," "Technology in the Organization" and "Leadership, leadership, leadership."

"We have benefited and learned so much from the small-staff community over the years, and this is our way to say �thank you' and to give back," President Thomas Howard said.

For more information about MemberClicks' speaker series, e-mail speaker@memberclicks.com.

ABOUT MEMBERCLICKS - MemberClicks provides refreshing technology experiences to small-staff membership organizations. From public and members-only websites to online membership management and event registration, MemberClicks empowers organizations to save time and sanity. Founded in 1998, MemberClicks works with more than 1,400 organizations throughout North America. For more information, visit www.memberclicks.com or call 1-800-914-2441.